40 x 40 Clear Top Tent Canopy

Price Available Upon Request.

All Tents Come with Standard 8ft Legs

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Tents larger than a 20’ x 20’ require a site check to ensure that they can be set up safely (i.e. on level ground) & that there is access to a water spicket within 150 feet of the site. If the client declines water barrels, an additional charge will be added per stake or per 450 lb. concrete wine barrel used. Additional charges will also be added to hang tent siding, install a french doors, or to coordinate and pay for a San Luis Obispo County fire permits. Additional charges will also be added to lay down carpet &/or astroturf for a tent. Carpet &/or astroturf can only be set up on limited surfaces. Tents cannot be safely set up in certain weather conditions including high wind 20+ MPH.