Not too long ago, California was struggling for water.

As a company we took it upon ourselves to do our part to conserve as well.   The clearest way we identified was to provide a water neutral means to secure our tents on top of the stone, concrete, or asphalt patio surfaces that are so common in wine country venues.  


Other companies in our industry had similar ideas, and immediately poured enormous blocks of rugged concrete.  Of course, this wasn’t a sufficient solution for us.  We didn’t want to simply replace our classy white water barrels with ugly blocks of concrete.  As a company we felt a need to preserve our commitment to providing style and elegance for our clients even while doing our part to conserve.  It took some time to find the right compromise…


Then eureka! With some clever utilization of our wine barrels and the support of our local wineries we managed to develop the first ever ½ Wine Barrel Eco Friendly Tent Weights!   Weighing over 500 lbs each, they are every bit as effective as our conventional water barrel tie downs.   And the best part, they look fantastic!  What a compliment to the venue, literally tying together white vinyl tenting to wine country settings.