It all started with a family friend showing us a photo on pinterest. Someone, somewhere, had put together a ramshackle beer bar from old pallet boards and taken a photo that truly inspired. In the photo, a well dressed bartender was pouring pilsners in an open field on a warm summer’s day, and we were instantly in love with the idea of a beer bar. From the moment we saw the possibility that we could construct such a product, we knew we had to have it as a wedding item. It was simply too cool to deny the central coast of such a party opportunity.

The (2-Tap) Beer Bar

Taylor Rental is proud to be the first and only supplier of The Rustic Beer Bar on the central coast. Perfect for 1 or 2 different kegs, this new rustic play on beer service is a showstopper for any event!

(2-Tap) Beer Bar

The Beer Bar Dispenser:

Contrary to what most might think, tapping a keg and connecting it to a dispenser can be an incredibly complicated process. As such, we sought to simplify this process as much as possible for our clients. Our solution came from a relatively common experience… college. Almost everyone remembers the one time they managed to tap a keg with a simple pump tap for a hard to remember party. We sought to take advantage of that common understanding.

Our beer bars, therefore, are all tap and pump systems. No complicated understanding of CO2 canisters, or pressure valves required. The operators of our beer bars simply have to hook up the keg to the dispensing line. A few pumps later, you’re in business! (A tip from experience, double up on your ice and keep the keg COLD to reduce excessive foam!)

Beer Tap (Manual Pump)

The (4-Tap) Beer Bar

Built to accommodate up to 4 different kegs, this western bar is made to go big or go home!

Rustica Beer Bar (4-Tap)

Rustica Beer Bar (4-Tap) 2