Wine country weddings are exploding in popularity all over the country.  As a result, California brides are seeking out unique wine barrel inspired furniture to add some playful style to their event.  Taylor Rental is proud to be the exclusive provider of wine barrel inspired furniture on the Central Coast serving San Luis Obispo to Paso Robles.  


The Wood Top Wine Barrel Cocktail Table


Standing around with dear and friends and family has never been so much fun.   Reinforced, fitted with a 36” wood top, sanded, and then stained to accentuate the aged oak grains, these finished tables are works of art all their own.  Complementing and accentuating the existing enchantment of a winery, these wine barrel creations are a must have to make an evening to never forget.  


  • Comfortably serves 3-4 people

 Wine Barrel Cocktail Tables


The Glass Top Wine Barrel Cocktail Table


More modern chic than shabby, these cocktail tables are great conversation stations to get re-aquainted with friends and family on that special occasion.  With a 30” glass top, these barrels are a perfect place to set your cocktails and appetizers as you reminisce over shared memories with loved ones.


– Comfortably serves 3-4 People.

Table - Wine Barrel Glass Top Cocktail Outside


Wine Barrel Lounge Tables:


At the modern wedding, the trend is no longer to stand around before and after the ceremony, but to comfortably sit and relax.  Wine barrel lounge tables provide the perfect combination of function and style to this end.  

Adirondac Lounge Chairs _ Tables


Wine Barrel Ice Chest:


One look and you know it’s just too cool to pass up on.  Serving champagne?  Beer?  Even bottled water water looks more sophisticated chilling in this new play on the ice bucket.    

Wine Barrel Lighting


String lighting just got a lot more fun!  Customize the where and how of your lighting effects in any setting.  

Wine Barrel Bar


A fun play on rustic wood and the aged wine barrel, your classic bartender never looked so good.   Not stopping there, this bar is increasing in popularity as a new play on the cake or dessert table.     

Wine Barrel Tables With Umbrellas


Wine country weddings in spring and fall in california mean one thing… HEAT.   Brides have struggled with this balance between a beautiful setting and guest comfort forever.   But…  with our new umbrella options to both our wine barrel cocktail and lounge tables, you can  have the best of both worlds.

Table - Wine Barrel Lounge (Wood Top w_ Umbrella)


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