A few Months ago we got a call to help out with new film written and directed by Mad Men”s Victor Levin. They needed a special tent to be set up at Dubost Ranch Winery to be used for a scene in the new film Destination Wedding starring Keanu Reeves and Winnona Ryder. We were no strangers to such requests as we have been involved with over 10 hollywood films over the last 20 years. The tent had to be perfect, brand new and tall enough to allow the camera to capture the majestic vineyards of Paso Robles in the background. In addition, they needed unique wine barrel furniture and wine barrel planters to further accent the setting. As luck would have it, we were uniquely suited for those needs and bought out our new wine barrel collection.

Being long time fans dating as far back to Bill and Ted and Heathers we were elated to help! We guaranteed the studio we could deliver on time, be flexible with their logistical demands, and keep confidential our involvement until filming concluded. The setup went smoothly and our guys even got to meet some of the cast! All in all, it was a genuine pleasure to be involved and a ton of fun for our entire crew!

Destination Wedding With Taylor Rental

Of course, we are more excited about what comes next for Paso Robles. Our personal involvement pales in comparison to the impact this film could have on our community at large. Most of us remember Buellton and Solvang pre-Sideways. They were quaint quiet essentially drive-through towns with slow economies. Then a random and funny movie came out. Suddenly, all of California was obsessed with Pinot Noir and definitely “not drinking merlot”. Furthermore, these towns and all their businesses were changed forever.

It was our hope that our involvement in this film might do the same for the Paso Robles wine and event industry and hopefully that this effect would spread to all of SLO county. We couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this moment in history for our community.

– The Barncastle Family and the Taylor Rental Team