60″ x 120″ Linen – Plum

Price Available Upon Request.

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We encourage all of our clients to please stop by our showrooms to see our linen options in person.  After all, specific colors in unique lighting conditions are notoriously difficult to display on electronic devices.   To make sure you get exactly the colors and fabric you want for your special day, it is best to hold and compare our linens in your hands.

Linen prices are subject to change based on seasonal demand and availability.  Linen is a fragile inventory item and as such carries with it special considerations that the customer is responsible for.  Damage Waiver Coverage (DWC) does not protect the client from preventable damage of any linen.  The customer is responsible for the full replacement cost of the linen in the case that the linen is permanently torn, cut, damaged, stained, or discolored by misuse, wine, chocolate, food, candy, gum, candle wax, bleach, stickers, silly string, party favors, excessive heat or embers from any source.