All things rustic are just plain fun. Today, rustic tables are one of the most sought after wedding items all over the country. At Taylor Rental we met this demand head on. We looked into many purchasable options to serve our clients’ needs, but were consistently unsatisfied by the lack of either quality or durability of the “Farm Tables” available for purchase on the market. We realized the best solution was to develop and manufacture our own line of rustica furniture in house. That way we could guarantee that our products could survive the rigors of the rental industry while retaining their intrinsic aesthetic appeal that our clients deserve. What we came up with, even surprised us!

The Rustica Family Table

It all began with the 8 foot long Rustica Family Table. A fun play on your grandfather’s picnic table, this customized mahogany stained masterpiece was from its inception a born to turn heads. Inspired by the barn, but still an unbelievable fit for the chateau, this table never fails to impress. We keep building more, but get your reservation in now. At Taylor Rental we own over 100 Rustica Family Tables, but we still book out every year!

Comfortably sits 8-10 people

Table - Rustica Family Rectangle


Rustica Tables

The Rustica Sweetheart Table

As a company we never stop listening to the needs of our brides, especially those that love our products! The biggest complaint we had in 2015 was that we had no bride and groom table that matched our Rustica Family Tables. So… We responded! With a little ingenuity we managed to develop a miniaturized 6 foot long table option perfect for the new couple to sit at over dinner or to be used as the cake or reception table.

Comfortably sits 2-6 people

Rustica Sweetheart Tables Mr and Mrs

The Rustica 48” Square Cocktail Table

The tiny cocktail table your grandma used just got replaced. The Rustica 48” Square Cocktail Table is built with elbow room in mind. Stand around with 8 friends or comfortably sit with barstools, but book them now. The vote is in, and this table is revolutionizing how we experience cocktail hour at outdoor venues.

Comfortably sits 4-8 people

Rustica 48 inch square cocktail table