French country is in, and nothing better expresses that aesthetic more than a life worn table “built like they used to” from a ruggedly elegant era. Taylor Rental is proud to be the exclusive provider of the Vintage Creme line of Tables and Chairs. Designed and manufactured in house, these are the ultimate high end rental products for the bride bold enough to commit to understated style.

The Vintage Creme Family Table

At 8 feet long the Vintage Creme Family Table can be used for anything from a fun and offbeat gift or display centerpiece to an elegant dinner table. Its one of a kind styling draws the eye and yet can be adopted for use in as varied of settings as grass fields overlooking vineyards, rustic barns, or even decorative stone patios. Never one to clash, it looks fantastic with virtually every high-end chair option available.

Comfortably sits 8-10 people


Vintage Creme Family Table

The Vintage Creme Sweetheart Table

Mark Twain once said that history never repeats itself, but it rhymes. Much like our history with the rustica table line in 2015, in 2016 we heard again from our brides about how much they loved our new Vintage Creme Family Tables. But, once again, we needed a bride and groom table that matched our Vintage Creme decor. So… Once again… We rolled up our sleeves and responded! With a little more ingenuity we managed to develop a one of a kind miniaturized 6 foot Vintage Creme Sweetheart Table option perfect for the new couple to sit at over the reception dinner or to be used as the cake or reception table. And the best part, it looks fantastic!

Comfortably sits 2-6 people

The Vintage Creme Sweetheart Table Decorated

The Vintage Creme Cocktail Table

It’s a break from tradition, and one long overdue! For a never-dull cocktail hour that only can be properly experienced beneath centuries old oaks that overlook autumn vines cascading among the rolling hills of the central coast, accept no substitute.

Comfortably serves 2-4 people

The Vintage Creme Cocktail Table

The Vintage Creme Chair

Why use the same old boring chairs that everyone else had at their wedding? Be different. Be Fun. Be bold. Try out the Vintage Creme Chairs exclusively found at Taylor Rental.

Vintage Creme Chair